Hey everyone. I have some fun news. We’re hiring a sales assistant! After a year and a half of taking on sales alone, it’s time I bring on some help so we can start to scale. Note, this position can be worked from anywhere in the US.

The work for the first few months will look a lot like this:

  • Using software we provide to scrape LinkedIn for contacts whom we can email
  • Cleaning email lists (Make sure the company name says “PubLoft”, not “PubLoft LLC”, etc,.
  • Inputting all the lists into their respective Mailshake campaigns
  • Scraping Crunchbase monthly for newly funded startups
  • Dozens of other day to day tasks that come up that need to be done

Who are you?

  • You aren’t the type who wants to be an assistant forever. You’re probably young, eager, and ready to make a dent in the world. But to do that, you need to start somewhere. Ideally, you grow within PubLoft and in ten years, you’re a sought-after Chief Revenue Officer.
  • You get shit done.
  • You have an analytical mindset and know how to think about massive amounts of data and how to structure it in an effective way.
  • You are intrigued by startup life, and shown tendencies in the past to be entrepreneurial.
  • You are resilient and have a track record of showing that you are hard to beat.
  • You can think independently and create ways to innovate on what has already been established.
  • You believe it’s possible or average people like me and you to change the world

Brownie Points

  • You are proficient with software such as Airtable, Hubspot, LinkedIn Sales Navigator, and Mailshake. If you aren’t, time to start learning.
  • You’ve started a venture in the past that has made money
  • You’ve started a venture in the past that has failed, and understand why/how it failed.


Pay starts at $20 an hour, and it starts at 12 hours a week. As you prove yourself, the hours and pay will go up over time.

If interested, email Mat@publoft.com introducing yourself. 3–5 sentences is plenty. I’ll get back to you as soon as I can with follow up questions.