What do I get with each blog post?
Every blog post we produce is 1,000–1,200 words, including royalty-free images and hyperlinks. We’ll do our own research and format the post so it’s easy to transfer to your blog. You will get a read-only Google doc that you can copy into your own folder. Once we’ve sent it to you, it's yours to change or publish as you please.

What is a standard SEO audit?
It’s a combination of a site audit, domain audit, backlink audit, and competitor position audit. This is the data you need to get your onsite SEO looking good for Google’s crawler to scan easilt, which will get you ranked higher.

What does consulting from PubLoft get me?
This is your time to talk with an expert about your blogging or SEO challenges, whatever you want with us. We can talk about how to restructure your HTML to better fit Google’s specifications, your audits, your content strategy, or anything else.

What does PubLoft HTML editing entail?
Instead of spending hours fixing the errors yourself, we’ll edit the HTML of your homepage to fix the errors we find, and send it back to you to re-upload.

What do our backlink building services get you?
This is one of the most lucrative services we offer. We start by creating a targeted list of 100 domains that have linked to your competitors already, and craft a custom message to each one. Some of our strategies may include guest posting or adding a link into a published post. By nature, the way we execute this service is custom for each client, but everyone benefits greatly from growing backlinks. It helps boost your domain authority, the real secret sauce for getting your entire site ranked, and it drives more site traffic from each domain pointing back to you.

Any other questions about our trial? Feel free to wave@publoft.com and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can! :)