Many people don’t realize how building thought leadership can—and should—extend far beyond their immediate, core business offering.

You see, Google is the best at understanding exactly what a searcher is looking for. It’s continually getting better at it, too. And for customers of PubLoft (as well as other marketing partners) there are endless benefits to letting Google show our content to the people who really seek it. I’ll give an example:

Say your primary marketing targets professionals in the real estate space. These can be REALTORS®, mortgage brokers, loan officers, and more. You’ll primarily want to cater your content to their needs and pains... and that’s Inbound Marketing 101. But now, say we notice that there’s an opportunity for your brand to be seen over 10,000 times per month by discussing something like employee rewards and incentives. That’s 10,000 chances to be seen and provide value—every month, and still relevant to your target customer.

Near rhyme, exact rhyme—both useful, all the time

Think of auxiliary content like near rhyme versus exact rhyme. Produce “exact rhyme” content for your target customer(s), and also slip in some “near rhyme” work that provides value for other people who might (probably) know a REALTOR®, broker, lender, etc. This is the wider atmosphere of your organic marketing strategy—and there’s tons of oxygen to fuel the flames of your success. So tap into it.

Don’t get trapped into only talking about things that directly target your real estate professionals. Write about the larger, psychological concepts that underlie your value proposition’s success. Talk about client relationship management software; talk about their salaries. Create content in the form of topic clusters that show Google you’re an authority on the whole.

The beauty and power of “letting it happen”

We regularly research keyword trends because that’s how we can target eyeballs. And, while it is important to use “exact rhymes,” we also believe that leveraging the “near rhyme” content for a wider sphere is key to successful thought leadership. When you discuss broad concepts in valuable ways, you don’t just reach your target REALTORS®. You reach (and provide value for) many more people who are looking for you. And you discover new market segments you may never have dreamed of.

So let’s start talking about interesting things. 😊