I’ll never forget when I first heard this statement from Dom Faussette, when I was a young creative hired to film and produce his speaker’s reel. I remember the influence Dom had on me, even then, because everything he said was shockingly relevant and the furthest thing from sugarcoated.

So many people believe that success is a certain paycheck $$$ amount, or net worth, or status in life. In many ways, we’re led to believe success is the outcome of hard work, luck, etc. But, in reality, success isn’t an outcome—it’s a feeling. 🤩

Redefining success as a feeling, not an outcome

Feeling successful is probably not something I need to explain—we’ve all, at some point, felt giddy and proud of something we’ve done. Maybe you got a killer grade on a school project. Maybe you got recognition from a parent, coach, or teacher. Or maybe you just helped an elderly person lift something. Whatever caused you to feel good about yourself, that’s the feeling of success.

You can be successful every day.

When we reframe success as a feeling we can achieve every single day, over time we become more “successful” (in the traditional sense of “outcomes” like money, relationships, and other things that tend to make life more enjoyable). That’s because feeling good compounds—it builds on itself. The more you feel it, the more likely you are to reach it again.

How can you practice feeling successful every day? Start by listing the simple things you enjoy doing that can contribute to your own well-being or someone else’s. For example, I love:

  • playing soccer,
  • cooking,
  • writing about topics that help people, and
  • making my friends & family laugh.

When I do any of those things, I feel like I’ve done something right. And that feeling of success is paramount to getting the results I want in life, because feeling good makes us more optimistic and positive.

When we see the bright side of things, we tend to feel more motivated, be more productive, and have better interactions with people. We’re more likely to take healthy risks and make small steps (or giant leaps!) in our career, our relationships, our life. And we just feel better. 😊  

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