Sales is really important to us. Not only is it because how we pay the bills, but it’s how we communicate to the world what PubLoft is and what we stand for. It’s more branding than people think.

Soon, PubLoft will be looking to add on sales partners, so before we do that, I thought it would be important to explain how sales works around here. If you’re looking to come on as a sales partners, there are a few things to know.

We don’t sell

The first rule of PubLoft is that we don’t sell our services to anyone. There’s no overturning a no. There’s no convincing someone to buy more than what they set out to buy. We don’t negotiate to extract maximum value out of our leads. Yes, that is sales, but we don’t personally align with those tactics. We align with solving problems for the person on the other line. We align with when we find out that they have no budget for us, sharing all the info we have on the industry, even if their money isn’t going into our pocket. We are here to serve.

Besides, PubLoft solves a major problem for thousands of companies. We offer a content service that is unmatched by most. When talking to people about PubLoft, if they have the problem we solve, there’s no need to sell. We just tell them what we do, answer their questions, and explain the next steps. No sales experience required. Any “people person” would thrive here.

We use plain language

With so many revolutionary artificially intelligent companies, powered by the blockchain and quantum computing, it’s easy to be sold by these big buzzwords. Still, at PubLoft, we don’t use any of them. We aren’t revolutionary, but we know our worth. We use technology, but we aren’t an AI company. We’re doing something new, but we’re not the “only ones in the world” doing it.

At PubLoft, we talk about what we do in plain language. Anything more than that is too much. Again, our worth comes from our services. You don’t need to sell PubLoft. Just explain it to be people in plain language and it sells itself.

We don’t negotiate

The price is the price. If a prospect can’t see the value for what we are charging, they won’t see the value of what we’re charging if we charge half the price. Remember, it's never about the price. It’s always about perceived value. If someone tries very hard to negotiate with us, they likely aren’t the type of customer we want anyway. We charge what we charge so we can pay writers what we pay. If a customer can’t understand that, they can go to a place like Textbroker, where you buy cheap and get cheap.

It comes down to the fact that PubLoft is so good, you don’t need to sell it. Just tell people that it exists, and those with the problem of content production will come out of the fray, raise their hand, and want to be our customer. We don’t sell here. We solve problems. That’s how we do it at PubLoft.

Stay tuned for our announcement about hiring sales partners within a few weeks.