“How are you different from ClearVoice?”

I get the question a lot, and I think it deems writing a blog post about how we’re similar and different from the folks over at ClearVoice. Note, I love the team over there. Jeff, their director of engineering, took me under his wing for a bit when PubLoft was first starting. We are both working towards a common goal: increasing freelancer talent across the board.

With that said, it’s not a secret that we are direct competitors. We have seemingly similar solutions, target the same types of customers, and are both in the process of scaling. That’s why I think it’s important for those considering our services to know the difference between the two.  

First, what makes us similar?

We both are a great solution for blog management. We both work with a network of writers, with a variety of backgrounds, and we both have a platform that our customers and writers interact with. When working with each of us, the goal is to take the content marketing headache off the customer’s shoulders and onto ours. In these cases, we are completely aligned. Additionally, as I mentioned before, we both are pushing the gig economy forward. 💪 With this, we are also completely aligned.

We both manage content marketing for our customers so they don’t have to.

Based on this analysis, I think it’s clear that our “what” is the same. Our “why” is pretty spot-on, too. We both want to push the gig economy forward by empowering more freelancers to get more work. So, the question becomes,

What makes PubLoft different from ClearVoice?

Put simply, the big difference between PubLoft and ClearVoice is the how. Let’s unpack.

1. Time commitments

ClearVoice  has a detailed user interface for customers to engage with. Want a new post? Create a customer, then a campaign, then an assignment within that campaign, and then you can start filling out all the details to request it from a writer. Pick from one of your own imported writers, or find one on ClearVoice’s marketplace. Organize your entire content production cycle with tools including a campaign creator, content calendar, topic picker, and more. For most users, the whole process is very hands-on, which comes with a major learning curve and doesn’t work for everyone.

PubLoft offers a hands-off experience that feels effortless. The best UX has no learning curve, no new platform to learn... it all just works. Our onboarding process takes just a few minutes of your day, and tells us everything we need to know about your business and goals. With minimal time commitment on your part, PubLoft can start creating valuable, brand-building, SERP-ranking content that resonates with your ideal readers.

We create content that centers around lucrative opportunities to rank for search terms and position your brand as an industry authority. We research topics and get your approval—the rest is magic. Sit back, focus on building your amazing business, and receive new blog posts weekly—hot off the PubLoft Press. Curious about progress? Log in to your customer portal to see past & present posts, keyword opportunities, and link building progress. Too busy? You’ll still have a new blog post piping hot and ready for you, every week, for as long as you’re a PubLoft customer.


ClearVoice’s pricing is built to order, meaning they don’t have a standard price. I can’t speak on the prices because I don’t know them—and neither do you! 🤷‍ You’ll need to inquire in order to get a sense for costs, but expect an annual commitment and additional fees in some cases.

PubLoft, on the other hand, is open about our pricing. We don’t charge extra for great writers, because all our writers are great. No frills here. Know what you’ll pay each month, and you’re locked in. Without a commitment. How’s that?

Writer Pay

ClearVoice lets the writers charge whatever they want to charge. Once a writer takes a post, ClearVoice takes 25% of the cut of that writers rate. The upside to this is that the writers can charge their worth. The downside is they are forced to charge higher to get their actual worth, causing hem to potentially miss out on paid post opportunities due to “high rates”.

PubLoft pays all writers the same rate, and if it goes up for one, it goes up for all. We don’t take a cut from our writers, ever. When a writer wants to write for us, we tell them the pay, and if it makes sense for them, they’ll get it every time. Additionally, we promise our writers consistent work, as it isn’t a “customer chooses top writers” system. Once you’re a PubLoft writer, you’re paid well and paid often, for the time you’re on our platform.

Final comparisons

The difference is clear. Both are great products, locally grown in sunny Phoenix, AZ.

ClearVoice takes a while to learn, because it gives you full control over your content production cycle, managing every detail to your liking. If you have resources to dedicate to full-time content management, and are willing to make an annual commitment, they might be great for you. You’ll pay additional fees to pay freelancers through the platform, but we can’t say for sure what you’ll pay to use them, since they “tailor” their prices to fit your budget. Finally, they charge writers to be on their platform, which we believe isn’t great for freelancers. For them, ClearVoice is a great way to find gigs, but writers need to up-charge or accept the 25% fee taken from them every time. In our perception, that’s just not a writer-friendly system.

PubLoft sends you professionally researched, written, and edited blog posts every week—with minimal work on your part. If you need a world-class blog and don’t have time to make it happen, PubLoft is here for you.

This obviously isn’t an unbiased post because I am the CEO of PubLoft, and I wholly believe PubLoft is a supremely better option for customers who want to save time and headaches of navigating a new system and process. I also believe it’s better for freelancers, who mostly just want to make a living without having to find, sell, and manage their clients, projects, invoices, and more.

You can take the red pill, or the blue pill. Get started with PubLoft for $500 right now OR get started with ClearVoice and submit a form to wait for an SDR to qualify you as a customer, before passing you onto an account manager to sell you your very own custom package! Your choice. 😉