PubLoft launched on Product Hunt and in the Phoenix Business Journal a week ago. Since then, we have had writers applying at a pace that we didn’t expect or prepare for. Originally, we intended to have our applicants write their vetting post for one of our three managed publications. Now, it turns out that that we have too much demand to write for that to work. So, our solution is simple. We are just going to have all the applicants write blog posts for early stage startups who can’t afford $2,000+ services yet. We’re calling this PubLoft for Startups.


PubLoft for Startups is a simple program that lasts for two months, during which participants receive:

How much does this cost? Nothing. No commitment to stick with PubLoft afterwards. It’s straight up free. 🙊

There is a catch though: you must apply to get into the program. You’ll find the application at the end of this blog post.

Requirements 🧐

In order to be approved for this program, your startup must have:

  • Less than $150,000 in annual recurring revenue,
  • Raised less than $2 million from investors.

That’s it. We don’t care where you’re based. We don’t care if you started it yesterday or five years ago. Of course, we do care if you are working on something really interesting, so we can help you get to the next stage of growth!

Why are we doing this?

To help you:

To be frank, starting a startup is hard. In the early stages, we could have used all the help we could get. It’s even harder outside of the Bay Area, where money is often scarce. We want to help alleviate the costs of marketing when you’re still getting your business off the ground.

To help us:

We have so many writers applying every day; we need to give them the chance to show us their chops, so why not produce great content for you along the way? Overall, this process helps us sift the best writers from the rest, as we work to grow the PubLoft Writer Network into the beautiful, organic community we envision.

Some questions you might be asking yourself:

Are we making writers write for free?

As part of the PubLoft vetting process, we require (almost) all applicants to write one free post—the only post we ever ask them to write for free. If it’s good, they are approved for Round 2: one paid post. We’re finding that this is the most efficient way to grade writer talent and quality.

Will you take the time to learn about our product to write well on it?

We actually don't write on specific products. We write industry level topics that establish you as a thought leader. We call these keyword driven posts. We do not write product relate posts.

Can I work with my writer after the program is over?

You will actually never know who your writer is. For the most part, you will be interacting with our custom software to request and receive your posts.

Is this only for high-growth tech startups?

Although we’re marketing this to startups, anyone can apply. If you’re a service-based business, solopreneur, or nonprofit, don’t hesitate to apply anyway! We’re open to anyone working on something interesting.

Will we have to pay for PubLoft services after the 2 month program?

Nope! 😁 No commitment whatsoever. If, by that point, you’re in a place to pay for our services and would like to continue working with us, great! If not, that’s cool, too.

So, ready to apply for PubLoft for Startups? 🤩