When PubLoft went down in January, there were many core reasons. The most obvious one is that I was a one-man show and didn’t have a team helping me. I didn’t delegate. When PubLoft went down, I thought it was going to stay down, forever. Many people told me that it was for the best. But there was always one guy that kept telling me to get back in the game. His name is Jérémy. He always let me talk through my challenges at the time, and he always advocated for me to get back in the game and start PubLoft again.

After months of deliberation, I was on getting closer to the edge with my new job and was thinking about taking the plunge. I remember being on the phone with him when I was on the cusp of quitting my job, again, and he was complaining about his current work situation and I figured, why not….let’s bring it up. I brought up us working together on PubLoft, he was in, and the rest is (or will be) history.

Jérémy saved PubLoft. Yes, I started it, but without his agency expertise, design talent, and different, yet complimentary skillset to mine, we brought PubLoft back fro the ashes and it’s now thriving.

Jérémy handles all client management and has built some incredible systems to get PubLoft growing as it should. He is also a therapist when I need to vent, and literally the most talented person I know. Not only is he working full time on PubLoft, but he’s also still working on his own side hustle, like a true entrepreneur. I couldn't support him more.

They tell you to find a co-founder who pushes you every day, makes you work harder, and almost intimidates you in ways that keep you wanting to perform at the highest level possible. This is Jérémy.

Thank you Jérémy for editing all my posts, riddled with typos. For dealing with me on my good days and bad. For handling all the customers, writers, for and building systems I couldn’t fathom. It’s never official without a blog post, right? So here’s the official welcome to the team. Now let’s get it! 🙌