Here at PubLoft, we care about results. If our services don't result in eventually qualified leads for you, we aren't doing our jobs. This is why we make sure that when working with a client, the goals always tie back to traffic and leads. In this post, I am going to dive into one of our clients' experiences to explain what we did for them and the results they achieved because of it.

WebiNerds is a Boston web development agency that began working with PubLoft in July of 2017. For six months, we published weekly blog content and optimized those posts to rank well on Google. We targeted keywords for each one and wrote at the highest level of quality. During keyword research, we found that "web development stack" and "web stacks" each had a low keyword difficulty-meaning they were great opportunities to rank. So, we entrusted a sticky post titled "6 Web Development Stacks To Try In 2017" to one of our best writers. What was the result, you might ask?
One image tells you everything you need to know:


Don't let the browser session fool you-this result is real. You can see for yourself by searching "web stacks" or "web development stacks." Our client's blog post will be ranked #1 or #2, and depending on your location you might even get the featured snippet shown above, which is highly valuable when a business wants to be the authority on a subject.

You might be thinking, "But Mat, so they ranked. Does this keyword actually bring in any traffic to their site?" The short answer is yes, absolutely.

Results (the proof is in the pudding)

Like I mentioned earlier, we care about results. Since publication, this post has driven 8,514 unique page views to Of those, more than 8,000 came from a search engine:

SEO always takes time to catch on, but thanks to the way we structured the keyword placement in the post, Google picked up on it and start to rank this post higher, resulting in more traffic over time:

We got WebInerds ranked top #2 for "web stacks" or "web development stacks," depending on your browser history and location.


The last thing to note is that this piece of content is WebiNerds' highest performing page on their site by 64%.
It's important to remember that not every post performs like this, and we do not guarantee a specific ranking. That said, just one well-written post, optimized for keywords, can change the course of a business. We love working with WebiNerds and are glad that we achieved these kinds of results for them.

Startup founders, small business owners, solopreneurs:
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