CEO, Mat Sherman:
I have single-handedly brought in $50,000 worth of business to PubLoft. I did this while building the other 3–4 core aspects of PubLoft. It’s come to a point where focusing on our product is taking up more of my time and it's time to find a sales lead. But no, I'm not hiring for a sales lead. I'm hiring for a sales intern to grow into the sales lead.

Position description

You are responsible for generating leads. You are also responsible for closing those leads. How you do this is up to you, within reason and within our guidelines. You will have unlimited support from me and I will of course train you, but at the end of the day, you're leading sales… as an intern.

Things we look for

You don't necessarily need to have a sales background but you're generally impressive. We don't judge by where you come from, or what your experience is. Just be impressive. We want someone with a mile-high aptitude and with the willingness to work very hard to reach it.

You'll be reporting directly to me, Mat. I’ll hold you to the highest standard. Outside of family and school, this is your #1 priority.

If you are a senior, I will want to hire you upon graduation.

I want to emphasize, we don't care what your background is. If you read this and you want to apply, please apply. You will get a personal response from me either inviting you to interview or telling you why we didn’t invite you.

Brownie points

  • You're a software whiz. You understand Zapier, Airtable, and Typeform on a deep level. It’s in your best interest to learn these softwares before your interview, if you are chosen for one.
  • You’ve tried to start a startup/company and failed
  • You don't have many other commitments (some are fine)

Why an intern?

We have a hypothesis that students are the best possible employees at an early-stage company. The best ones have a chip on their shoulder, and because of that, they will work very hard on projects that compel them. With that said, students are raw. They are unproven, generally have higher egos, and practically no hard skills. Working with people like this is ultimately a risk, and one we’re willing to take. If you do well, you’ll be hired as our sales lead and grow our sales organization from the ground up. This ideally turns into a Chief Revenue Officer opportunity, pending we all do our jobs.

Why PubLoft?

PubLoft is a “service as a software” platform for freelancers to write and get paid without worrying about finding or keeping clients. They don’t need to find, sell, manage, or fire customers… ever. So far, our clients love it and so do our writers. But don't let it come from me. Let it come from them:








Some other fast facts for you

Total Revenue: $48,000+
Total Customers: 30+
Key Customers: Y Combinator startups like Fountain, Roofr, Growsumo, and Cloudstitch. We also have worked with 500 Startups.
Founders: Two 25-year-old ASU alumni.

We are profitable. We are growing. We are just getting started. Get in on the first floor and ride to the top with us.

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