Hey there, writer! Thanks for applying to write for PubLoft. Right now you are on the precipice of mere mortality, scavenging for freelance gigs left and right, living at the mercy of your clients—and you are jumping into the freedom of the PubLoft writer experience, where life throws you more posts than you know how to handle. Yes, the PubLoft life is a good one, and because of that, we only let in the best and most promising writers who apply. Therefore, in order to sift out the best from the rest, we have a simple vetting process.

The PubLoft Vetting Process

  1. Apply—you've done that! ✅
  2. Write one unpaid post under our specifications
  3. Write one paid post under our specifications

This is the formal vetting process. If you get through all three steps, then you’re in. Unfortunately, even if you are accepted into the Writer Network, we cannot guarantee work for you.

Because of this, we’re currently offering $20-$50 per accepted post when you write for one of our managed publications while you wait in line. It’s a good way to build experience writing PubLoft-style posts and some rapport with our editors and managing team.

PubLoft-style refers to our expectations for every post that goes out. To make sure we are producing the highest quality, we ask that you follow these post guidelines. As you write your two vetting posts, make sure to follow the guidelines to a tee, or you're probably not going to do well here.

Anyway, enough of the jibber jabber. Are you ready for your first vetting post? Great. Here's how to claim your post and start writing.

How to claim your first post

When you’re approved to start vetting, we send you an email notification with a link to claim one post. Decide which post you’d like to write from the available post topics listed in that portal (pictured below) and accessible by clicking here.

A screenshot of the portal of available post topics 

Once you’ve decided which post you want to write, you’ll use the Vetter Post Claim form that you’ll receive a link to in your acceptance email. For example, if you were claiming Top Additive Manufacturing Conferences, you would enter 129. Once you hit Claim Post, you'll get a confirmation email with post details. You are now responsible for getting it in by the due date.

How to submit your first post

After you’ve researched, written, and edited your post (following these guidelines), you'll use the same form to submit it to our editors.

Important: Make sure the sharing settings are set to “Anyone with the link can edit


Once you submit your post, hold on tight until you hear from someone on our team. We’ll let you know if you have been selected to advance to the next round (or not), and provide feedback in either scenario.

If you have any questions, feel free to wave@publoft.com. Until then, familiarize yourself with our Writer Guidelines, and fare thee well!