What is the PubLoft Writer Network?

The PWN is the amazing community of vetted writers and editors working together to produce the best blog content for our clients. We’re made up of wordsmiths and linguists from all walks of life, and our primal directive is to function as a team that improves with every post that goes out.

Come hungry for work and ready to grow professionally, and you’ll fit right in.

Do I need experience writing? 👶

Yep! As a PubLoft writer, you’re not expected to write flawless posts—that’s what the PWN is for. Our goal is simply to help you learn and improve for your benefit as well as the benefit of our clients and their readers!

With that said, we do require a certain level of skill and experience in order to write for our clients. To get into the Network, you need to show that you’ve got a way with words and know how to craft captivating blog content on a specific topic. If you haven’t published on a topic yet, but want clients in that realm, you’ll want to create 2-3 real articles to show that you can write well on that topic.

If you're not a professional writer yet, there are resources online to help you start a blog (and even make some money off of it!). Start a blog, practice, and keep writing! This is how you become a better writer.

And, if you’re new to freelancing, GigLoft has tons of great resources to get started and create a successful freelance career for yourself.

So, how do I get in?!

Meet or exceed the requirements on our writer application page.

Once I’m in, how much, how often, and how do I get paid?  🤑

We tend to get 2-5 new clients per month. If you sign up to write for a client, and are accepted, you’ll start receiving work immediately.

We pay you through PayPal, every other Friday. We’re currently offering between $75 – $250 per post based on the quality of your work. If you keep getting better, and build a long-term relationship with us, your pay will certainly increase.

What kinds of clients will I be writing for?

All types! Most of our customers are involved in technology in some way. You’ll have the opportunity to pick your preferred topics and write posts that align with the subjects you care about most.

How will I know what to write about?

Every customer has their own industry, their own specialty, and their own voice. As a result, each assignment includes details and specifications like writing tone, links to references, and the angle the customer would like to take.

Research well, get creative, and become an expert on that topic each time you write—that’s the beauty of what we’re doing here.

How often will I receive new assignments?

Are you looking for other roles?

We’re always open to applications from freelance editors, content strategists, and other creatives.

Our editors are the type of people who cringe when they read about “the amount of people in a group” or “rapidly-evolving trends.” If you obsess over carefully crafted copy and catch every typo you read, let us know when you apply. 👌 You are a special breed of linguist, and don’t necessarily need to enjoy or be good at creative writing. We’re open to folks who only want to edit.

Our strategists take pride in their deep curiosity for the entire marketing funnel, and understanding of how content marketing informs and fits within the other customer acquisition channels.

Ready to apply? 🙊 We can’t wait to hear from you!