Is PubLoft an agency or a marketplace?

Actually, we’re neither. Our business model can best be defined as a “service as a software” model—well, technically, “service as a software as a service.” Seriously.

Coined by Greg Head earlier this year, this term is true to our mission: offer great companies like you a suite of top agency services with real results that require little to no time commitment from you.

To customers, we offer all the benefits of an agency, like high quality work and trusted teams of experts, without locking you into a contract, hiding prices and extracting maximum value out of you, or being high-maintenance to work with.

To freelance professionals in the growing gig economy, we’re providing steady opportunities to hone their craft and make great money doing it. To make sure every post is high quality, we give plenty of creative direction and run every post through our highly vetted editing team—unlike marketplaces, where you’re getting whatever you paid for.

We also pay our writers much higher rates than they’d find on marketplaces like Scripted and Upwork, so you know you’re getting quality and professionalism—no need to spend hours reviewing ratings or sending messages back and forth. We’ve done the vetting for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?  🤔

Nope. Pay month to month and cancel anytime. We also have a discounted option to pay quarterly if we gain your business long-term. And, on the off chance that something does cause you to reconsider our relationship, we’ll strive to understand exactly where we went wrong and how we can improve for future customers.

Aww yeah.

Who are the writers?

The PubLoft Writer Network is an amazing community of vetted writers and editors working together to produce the best blog content for your brand. We’re made up of wordsmiths and linguists from all walks of life, and our primal directive is to function as a team that improves with every post that goes out.

By the way, you’ll see that we call ourselves “freelancer-first” and here’s why: we believe that when we take care of our people, they take care in producing great posts for the benefit of you, our customers, and your audience.

Cool! So how does it work?

1. Content marketing strategy

The moment you become a customer, we start on keyword research to find the most valuable search terms in your niche. We also generate initial recommendations to beef up your on-site SEO to help you rank higher in Google search results.

Then, we develop a unique content marketing strategy based on your keywords’ monthly search volumes and other factors. Breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your blog is in good hands, and focus on your awesome business.

2. Blog content writing services

Our topic research and post outlining informs the writers and editors creating content for your blog. Each post is SEO-driven, targeting top industry keywords with 1,000–1,200 words of linguistic prowess.

As we identify and write great content, you’ll have a chance keep an eye on our production progress every step of the way in your custom PubLoft Portal. After two rounds of hawklike review, your blog posts are delivered to your inbox hot off the PubLoft Press every Monday morning, fully formatted with relevant internal links, external links to credible non-competitive sources, a meta description, a recommended URL, and beautiful, royalty-free images.

3. Search engine optimization & beyond

On top of our content writing services, we also drive traffic to your website with the help of on-site SEO improvements that address Google’s top ranking factors. That means actively improving your site’s HTML structure, addressing issues like duplicate title tags and meta descriptions on specific web pages, and adding relevant alt text to your images.

We also offer off-site SEO boosting, including disavowing toxic backlinks and syndicating your content through top publications in your industry! This is the other, equally important half of search engine optimization: showing Google that your website is worthy of being found.

Wait, what’s a PubLoft Score? 🤷‍

The PubLoft Score is a method we developed to determine the top keyword groups in your industry. It’s based on monthly search volume among other things. 🤫 We mix in a little secret sauce and voilà! We’ve got PubLoft Scores for each keyword. The higher the score, the more “bang for your buck” it is to target that keyword/group.

What else can I do in my PubLoft Portal?

In your PubLoft Portal, you’ll see options to:

  • browse through your keywords,
  • approve recommended blog post titles,
  • check on the status and details of all your past and active posts,
  • review on-site SEO reports & recommendations,
  • check on the status of our link building efforts, and even
  • reach out to us with questions and suggestions!

Do you offer revisions or refunds?

Revisions bog down the process, and since we have a world-class editing team, revisions won’t be necessary anyway. Of course, you’re free to edit your posts once you receive them.

Refunds are always treated on a case-by-case basis. We’re more interested in making things right than scrounging a few extra pennies, so we’ll always work something out that’s fair.

Why should I pick PubLoft?!

Sure! PubLoft is an experiment in sourcing quality creative content from vetted freelance talent. It’s not every day you can participate in a company as early stage as us, so come along for the ride and let’s make history.

See our pricing and start a trial today: