Is PubLoft an agency or a marketplace?

Actually, we’re neither. Our business model can best be defined as a “service as a software” model—and yes, we do mean service as a software. Coined by Greg Head earlier this year, this term is true to our vision: to offer startups agency-quality services fulfilled by the best freelance professionals in the growing gig economy.

To clients, we offer all the benefits of an agency, like high quality work and trusted teams of experts, without locking you into a contract, hiding prices and extracting maximum value out of you, or being high-maintenance to work with.

To freelancers, we’re providing steady opportunities to hone their craft and make great money doing it. To make sure every post is high quality, we give plenty of creative direction and run every post through our highly vetted editing team—unlike marketplaces, which don’t have much of a quality control mechanism in place.

We also pay our writers much higher rates than they’d find on marketplaces like Scripted and Upwork, so you know you’re getting quality and professionalism—no need to spend hours reviewing ratings or sending messages back and forth. We’ve done the vetting for you.

Do I have to sign a contract?  🤔

Nope. Pay month to month and cancel anytime. We also have a discounted option to pay quarterly if we gain your business long-term.

Who are the writers?

The PubLoft Writer Network is an amazing community of vetted writers and editors working together to produce the best blog content for your brand. We’re made up of wordsmiths and linguists from all walks of life, and our primal directive is to function as a team that improves with every post that goes out.

By the way, you’ll see that we call ourselves “freelancer-first” and here’s why: we believe that when we take care of our people, they take care in producing great posts for the benefit of you, our clients, and your audience.

Cool! So how does it work?

The moment you become a customer, we run an industry-level keyword research report to find the most valuable keywords in your niche. Then we assign a PubLoft Score based on the monthly search volume and difficulty to rank for each keyword, and you get to pick the ones you want to target, in which order, right from your custom client portal.

Once you’ve picked your top keywords, we immediately start writing your posts, and send you one per week on Mondays. Each post is between 1,000 and 1,200 words and targets one keyword. After careful review, your posts are delivered to your inbox fully formatted, complete with relevant images and hyperlinks.

While writing your blog posts, we’re actively working on improving your site’s HTML structure, helping you disavow toxic backlinks and determine how you stack up against your competition for each keyword.

Additionally, to grow your trust with Google and other search engines, we simultaneously build backlinks to the blog posts we’ve written. This brings new traffic to your site and builds your domain authority so you can rank for keywords more efficiently over time.

Wait, what’s a PubLoft Score? 🤷‍

The PubLoft Score is a method we developed to determine the top keywords in your industry. It’s based on monthly search volume and the difficulty to rank for each keyword according to Google and other sources. We mix in a little secret sauce and voilà! We’ve got PubLoft Scores for each keyword. The higher the score, the more worth your money it is to target that keyword.

What else can I do in my client portal?

In your personal client portal, you’ll see options to:

  • choose which keywords we target,
  • approve and/or tweak recommended blog post titles,
  • check on the status and details of all your past and active posts,
  • review on- and off-site SEO reports, and even
  • reach out to us with questions and suggestions!

Do you offer revisions or refunds?

Revisions bog down the process, and since we have a world-class editing team, revisions won’t be necessary anyway. Of course, you’re free to edit your posts once you receive them.

On the off chance that something does cause you to reconsider our relationship, we’ll strive to understand exactly where we went wrong and how we can improve for future clients. And, if necessary, we are open to issuing refunds on a case-by-case basis—but it should never get to that point.

Can we end these questions on a good note?

Sure! PubLoft is an experiment in crowdsourcing quality creative content. It’s not every day you can participate in a company as early stage as us, so come along for the ride and let’s make history. Start a trial today.