February update: we’ve updated the Google Analytics screenshot below to account for the last three months of traffic, which has increased 230% since October.

CBD For Life is a premium supplier of CBD health and beauty products with a reputation for industry excellence. The company was initially referred to PubLoft by a friend, and had some very specific goals for their blog content, including:

  • The release of regular blog posts,
  • Increased keyword ranking in Google, and
  • an improvement of their domain authority.

Performing an industry analysis

We saw this as a unique challenge. As soon as we  secured CBD For Life as a customer, we began a complete analysis of the current keywords and SEO trends pertaining to the CBD industry.

We narrowed down keywords that presented unique ranking opportunities for CBD, and created a comprehensive content plan based on our findings.

Using blog posts to generate measurable results

Blog posts were designed containing both primary and long-tail keywords, relevant images, and valuable information, targeting both the intended audience and Google metrics.

CBD For Life released the blogs written by PubLoft at regular intervals, four per month over a period of four months.

Exploring the results

After four months with PubLoft, CBD For Life ranks #2 on Google for variations of the key phrase “Does CBD show up on a drug test,” which brings in 5,400 searches alone.

PubLoft produced a post for CBD For Life in September focusing on everything a person needs to know about CBD in relation to a drug test. The post was correctly optimized for SEO by adding in a calculated number of of keywords, a carefully crafted meta title, description, and relevant alt tags. It turns out that our work panned out for CBD For Life, and it crawled to the top five on Google within four months.

This has given CBD For Life thousands of website hits a month. And as an e-commerce company, website visits are their lifeblood.

As you can see, starting at the end of October, the post was bringing in about 1,000 visits a week. However, the views have increased, reaching up to 5,000+ a week.

Below, you can see the traffic growing quickly  in late November and all of December.

In our February update below, you can see that organic traffic through blog content is up 230% since October—totaling 28,831 entrances in January alone. That’s the power of publishing content that is valuable to your target audiences, and optimizing that content for search rankings.

Note: PubLoft is starting to get CBD For Life ranked for other keywords as well. “Hemp oil uses” ranked in the top five within the last few weeks. After only four months with PubLoft, CBD For Life is experiencing a positive ROI. As CBD grows in popularity, CBD For Life will benefit from having one of the top spots in one of the most searched terms in the industry.

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