With the appearance of quaint coffee shops, the mobility of laptops, and the convenience of WiFi, the 21st century has given many the gift of working remotely. While there are thousands of digital nomads, there are still many others working behind desks in a prison of cubicles. More than ever, managers are examining how their employees spend their time to see where they could cut further costs to save their brick and mortar businesses.

Thanks to technological advances all over the world, businesses of all shapes, sizes, and locations have been able to save millions of dollars by eliminating office space people would rather not use, consolidating spaces, and reducing overhead costs related to these locations.

Of course, saving money is great, but the power of productivity is invaluable—which is why many businesses have embraced the idea of alternative workspaces. Areas outside the traditional office environment allow business managers to easily distinguish their talented and highly motivated employees from the mediocre. Those that get out of the humdrum of the everyday work environment have minds that are engaged and inspired to create better results.


Best 8 Places to Work Outside the Cubicle

A change of scenery is just what most people need to shake off the doldrums. Listed below are a few of the optimal locations to work away from the cubicle or even from home.

1. Coworking spaces

These hubs are popping up all over the country and offer people working refuge either with memberships or “pay-as-you-go” style. There are great open office spaces that offer conference rooms, printing services, and other amenities that draw many types of employees in.

2. Coffee shops

There are coffee shops at every corner these days and almost all of them are equipped with a strong WiFi connection. Grab a great caffeinated beverage, pull up your favorite sitting device (our favorite is a bean bag!), and get to work!

3. Museums

Museums are extremely overlooked as a unique workspace that provide an eccentric work environment that is free of charge to use. WiFi is also usually available for public use.

4. Fast-food places

With affordable eats and exciting people-watching opportunities, if you don’t mind a bit of sound around you, you can easily find a small corner booth, a delicious snack, and WiFi to make work fun.

5. Hotel lobbies

Many hotels around the world offer a free WiFi connection and lobby to the public, as well as a restaurant, with no need to check into a room. Taking a simple break from the cubicle without having to smell coffee at the end of a long workday is a great option.

6. Local library

Libraries, the original co-working space, are the go-to work zone when people need a quiet location. There is no charge and you never have to be concerned about wearing out your welcome. With the smell of books aplenty, anyone will feel wiser in no time!

7. Train travel

This may not be the quietest or calmest place to work regularly, but if you need to travel, this is a superb option that is paired with comfortable seating, WiFi, and amazing views without sacrificing time on your commute. Here in Phoenix, for instance, many professionals take the Light Rail to and from work. Valley Metro even ran a campaign to promote the productivity benefits of its public transit methods.

8. Botanical gardens

Many people find being surrounded by nature to boost their creativity. Settling into a garden area can provide you with fresh air, the smell of flowers, and a unique experience. If you’re not a fan of certain weather, there are also indoor garden options that can provide you with that much-needed taste of spring.

BONUS Alternative Office Workspaces

Public parks

  • Porches
  • Aquariums
  • Shopping malls
  • Anywhere with municipal WiFi
  • Buses
  • Friend’s homes
  • Boats or ferries
  • Camper vans
  • Gyms or sports clubs
  • Bars and pubs
  • Pools
  • Zoos
  • Local universities
  • Client offices
  • ‘Man Caves’ and ‘She Sheds’

And of course, sometimes the best location to get thing done is within the comfort of home. A favorite application, Coffitivity, provides work from home novices with a free playlist of ambient sounds, making it seem that they are working within a café and other outdoor spaces.
The world is an enormous place, filled with spaces ripe for the taking for those who want to get their creative and productive juices flowing. Be on the lookout for great new locations to make dreams come true or to impress the boss. Did we miss any others you can think of? Let us know if the comments!